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Please do not be afraid to apply for any of these forthcoming openings.


Communications Director

(starting October 2019 for overlap time with the outgoing director)

The Communications Director is  responsible for editing, revising, and submitting Kare Bears articles to The Post, PebbleNews, the Kare Bears Website, and the e-group as requested by board members. The person filling this position will work closely with a Special Marketing volunteer.  

Programs Director 

(starting June 2019 for overlap with the outgoing director)

The Program Director is responsible for arranging presentations for Kare Bears Presents in September, October, and January through June. This director will work closely with the Fall Luncheon and Spring Fling leaders.  


(starting October 2019 for overlap with the outgoing treasurer)

The Treasurer manages all the financial aspects of Kare Bears and ensures that all insurance policies are in force along with acting in the capacity of Corporate Statutory Agent.This board member is on the Executive Committee* and cannot be a snowbird

* The Executive Committee (President, First VP, Second VP, Secretary and Treasurer) is responsible for keeping the year round, day-to-day operations of Kare Bears running smoothly -  therefore these members cannot be‘snowbirds”.    

Please send a summary of your work and volunteer experience to Joyce Van Ornam Nominating Committee members Janis Korba, Gladys Mabey, and Sue White are anxious to hear from you! 

How To ...


How To ...