Kare Bears Board of Directors

President Joyce Van Ornam


This year, Joyce Van Ornam moved up from First Vice President to President. 

Her  training and work experience are in education as a teacher, school  counselor, and school administrator.  She also worked for the American  Red Cross as a case work trainer and supervisor for military families  and veterans.

After  moving to Pebble Creek in 2004, Joyce volunteered in the Kare Bears  House, as a unit coordinator, and as a special volunteer..


First Vice President Don Belonax



Retired from Pfizer, Consumer

Product Division, Don Belonax 

has been a KB Coordinator

 since 2007. 

He also has delivered Source

 Books for many years and

 transports Unit 51 neighbors 

for Bingo.

His range of KB experience is well suited to the Office

 of First President, responsible

 for managing the Coordinators.    


Second Vice President Maureen Plate



 Maureens's Kare Bears job is to staff, manage, and maintain the Kare Bears house  at 15383 W. Cheery Lynn Rd. along with volunteering in the house.

A resident of PebbleCreek for over 10 years, Maureen brings  prior experience as a Business Education  teacher and as a business owner.

She has been a long-time Office Volunteer and also  a Unit 

Coordinator since 2016


Treasurer Judy Ashley



Treasurer Judy Ashley joins the board with a degree and work experience in finance. 

She previously served as the Singles Club treasurer for two years.


Secretary Susan Fallon



Susan Fallon  brings her degree in business administration along with certificates in  leadership forum and public works to the Kare Bears board as Secretary. She has worked as business manager for a city government.    

Susan is also responsible for maintaining the Volunteer Database


Health & Wellness Donna Blomquist



Donna Blomquist is representing the Health and Wellness part of Kare Bears as a new board member. 

She and DeeDee Patrick, both RN’s, are serving as co-directors of Health and Wellness. 

Both Directors have stated a firm belief in the benefit of the Kare Bears Health and Wellness program to Pebble Creek residents.


Health & Wellness Dee-Dee Patrick



Dee-Dee Patrick is co-director for Health & Wellness with Board Member Donna Blomquist.  


She and Donna are both RN’s.

They have both stated a firm belief in the benefit of the Kare Bears Health and Wellness program to Pebble Creek residents.


Programs Teri Sellers



Teri Sellers returns to the board as Programs Director. 

She is responsible for recruiting speakers for Kare Bears Presents! programs, which are held on

 the fourth Wednesday of the 

month January through June and September and October. 


Publicity Betsy Porter



Betsy Porter  joins the board as Publicity Director.  She previously worked as a  technology trainer for a school district and as a special education  teacher. 

She is presently a Kare Bears unit coordinator and has trained as a house volunteer.



Kare Bears Founder Rayma Scalzo


 Rayma and her husband Joe, moved to PebbleCreek in 1995 after residing in Phoenix for over 40 years.

After a life altering experience with Breast Cancer, she decided that her mission in life was to help people.

In 1995 she founded Kare Bears using brainstorming techniques and her marketing background.

In addition to Kare Bears, Rayma is the Founder and Facilitator of the Breast Cancer Discussion Group
And Founder of the Alzheimers/Dementia Caregiver Discussion Group.