How to arrange Kare Bears transportation service


Make a Request

Call or visit Kare Bears House (623-536-1200) to schedule transportation 

What Information Will You Need?

  • Patient name, address, phone
  • Date, time and length of the appointment
  • Doctor/Office name, address, phone number
  • Pickup time at your home
  • Answer questions about special needs

Please be aware

  • Kare Bears needs 48 hours of notice to schedule transportation
  • This service is for Medical, Dental or Therapy appointments only. No other stops can be made.
  • This service is not intended for recurring appointments of permanent nature


NOTE:  As an organization of volunteers, we are NOT trained professional  caregivers.  We are not permitted or trained to lift or transfer  patients, or to provide medical treatment or therapy of any kind, or to  dispense medications.