Kare Bears Coordinators

What is a Coordinator?

A Unit Coordinator is the primary Kare Bears contact person in their Unit, although a large Unit may may have multiple coordinators. 

Their job is to facilitate residents' access to Kare Bears Services, as well as to reach out to residents who may be in need of those services.   

Viewing the List

In just a couple of seconds, a blue panel opens below with the list. 

If it does not appear, see the information at the right about "Edge". 

Search for your Unit number, and if there are multiple persons listed, also check for your Lot number in the far right column for the person who covers your home..


Notice on the use of this data

This information is proprietary to and  copyrighted by Kare Bears; and is presented for the sole use by PebbleCreek residents in identifying their Kare Bears coordinator.


If no Coordinator is listed

If there is no Coordinator listed for your unit (and lot) please contact the Kare Bears house at 623-536-1200 for assistance. 

The staff will assign a Roving Coordinator (RC) who is willing to help a resident living anywhere in PebbleCreek. 


This indication serves two purposes. It identifies a Unit (and range of Lot numbers) that currently does not have an assigned Coordinator.

And it also identifies an opportunity for YOU to volunteer. Contact the 1st Vice President to learn more.

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