Vitalent Blood Drive - Tuesday January 14 - EN Palm Room


Appointments from 7:30 AM to 11:15 AM


Walk-ins are welcome.  (you will be scheduled in between those with appointments)

If you need assistance with this, you can call Dee-Dee Patrick directly and she will enter your name on the schedule. Dee-Dee can be reached at 708-494-0008.

Appointments are scheduled every 15 minutes starting at 7:30 A.M until 11:15 AM.  Two donors can be scheduled at the same time. 


If you are taking prescription medications, 95% of them are fine and will not prevent you from donating blood.  Some examples of acceptable meds are: insulin, blood pressure, cholesterol, anti-depressants, thyroid, allergy and aspirin.


To register online with Vitalant-AZ Blood Services (formerly United Blood Services), complete the Health History Questionnaire

The instructions, “Complete Your Fast Track Health History Questionnaire Online” can be found at using Sponsor Code: PebbleCreek.


Did YOU KNOW, YOU can SAVE THREE LIVES just by donating your blood and it will only take 1/2 hour out of your day.  In addition, your body produces healthier red cells after a donation: red cells carry oxygen to your vital organs.  The blood supply at Valley Hospitals is in need of constant replenishing.  Vitalant-AZ is one of 3 approved blood banks that can send blood to our military overseas.

Blood Donation Reminders on the Day of the Drive


  •  Hydrate and eat a meal prior to your donation – better, start hydrating the day before.  
  •  Bring ID with you (PebbleCreek ID, Driver’s License work well)  
  •  Make sure you are free of any cold or flu symptoms.  
  •  Have medication list available if needed.  
  •  Wear  a top with loose-fitting sleeves (preferably short sleeves) so that we  can check blood pressure and locate the best vein to use to collect your  blood.  
  •  Bring  a list of all countries (and cities/areas you have visited (with dates)  in the past 12 months and do the same for all European countries you  have visited since 1980.  
  •  You must weigh at least 110 pounds.  
  •  Waiting period between donations is 56 days for whole blood, 112 for Double Red Cell Donations.