KB Presents! - October 23 - 11 AM - Eagle's Nest

Medicare - What's New and Different this Year?

Kare Bears Presents is all about Medicare in October!  Every year there are changes in the Medicare program and most of us are not aware of them. We have the option of making changes to our Medicare insurance plans annually, but unless we know what our options are and how they affect us personally, we can’t make a good decision.

  • Are Medicare costs going up?
  • Are Medicare plans changing this year?
  • Changes to the Prescription Plan Donut Hole.

October’s featured presenter is Maryna Sachs. She is the Benefits Assistance Program Volunteer Coordinator for the Area Agency on Aging (AAA, Region One in Phoenix, Arizona. For the past seven years Ms. Sachs provided assistance with Medicare enrollments, Medicare savings and extra help programs for eligible beneficiaries.

The Benefits Assistance Program provides objective information about Medicare and other health insurance benefits to seniors, the disabled, and caregivers.  Trained volunteers are available at a number of locations throughout Maricopa County to provide free personalized assistance.  Services include:

  • Information about Medicare, Medicare Advantage plans (HMOs, PPOs, etc.), Medicare Supplement plans (Medigap), and options under Medicare
  • Assistance with Medicare appeals and problem resolutions
  • Basic information on applying for Social Security, Medicare and SSI
  • Information and assistance on Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Information on eligibility for low income related programs including  Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Arizona Medicaid (AHCCCS), and the Medicare Savings Programs (QMB, SLMB, and QI-1)

Benefits Assistance counselors do not sell and will not recommend one product over another.  The program provides assistance and information to help clients make informed decisions.