Kare Bears Annual Meeting

October 23, 11 AM, Eagle's Nest Ballroom


Kare Bears leaders would appreciate seeing you at the Annual Meeting on Wednesday October 23.

The President will present an annual report to the membership and introduce the 2020 Board members for membership approval.

Joining the Board on January 1, 2020 will be President Tom Meek, Treasurer Nancy Dodds and Communications Director Shelley Carothers. Presently serving on the Board - with board approval - are First Vice President Don Belonax, Second Vice President Maureen Plate and Program Director Teri Sellers. Returning Board members are Secretary Susan Fallon along with Health and Wellness Co-directors Donna Blomquist and Dee-Dee Patrick.

The months of October, November and December are overlap times for new and out-going Board Members.

The Annual Meeting will be brief, followed the monthly Kare Bears Presents!

As always, no reservations are required, and refreshments provided by Kare Bears volunteer bakers are free.

Please join us!