KB Presents! - Wed. June 26 - 11 AM - Eagle's Nest Ballroom

Gastroenterology Topics

Dr. Aravind Sugumar is the newest addition to the Southwest Gastroenterology team. He is board certified Gastroenterologist who is extensively trained and practices advance endoscopic procedures (ERCP and EUD). These procedures help diagnose and treat patients with gastrointestinal problems.

Here are just a few of the conditions he treats: 

  • Acute Pancreatitis
  • Chronic Pancreatitis
  • Crohn’s Disease
  •  Gallstones
  •  Intestinal Failure
  •  Liver disease
  •  Ulcers ... to name just a few.

After completing his basic medical training in India at the top of his class, Dr, Sugumar came to the United States to obtain a Master’s in public health from Harvard. While at Harvard, he did research at the Dana Farber cancer institute in complementary therapies. After two years in Boston, he moved to sunny Galveston, TX to complete his training in Internal medicine from the University of Texas. Here he met and married his wife and “senior business partner” Dr Rajae Anaparthy. From there he was accepted to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN for a fellowship in Gastroenterology and Hepatology (GI). 

On the completion of this 3 year fellowship he chose to spend an additional year specializing in disease of the pancreas. He was then recruited to the University of Kansas to run the pancreas clinic. While in Kansas he was the founding director of the gastrointestinal high risk clinic. The clinic was started to meet the special needs patient at “high risk” for GI cancers. After six years of doing this, Dr Sugumar moved to the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio for a year training in advance endoscopic procedures. 

The “needs of the patients come first” is a simple but profound statement that he tries to live by. He believes in decreasing barriers to communication and creating a safe, respectful and through patient encounter 

Knowledge is power – learning about what these disease are all about…..may pay off at a later date if you have one of these issues! 

This will be our last Kare Bears Presents for the summer.

And a note from Linda Jo Orinski, Progams Director

June is my last month as your Programs Director for Kare Bears….I want to thank all the residents for attending the presentations I put together! I hope you learned something along the way and enjoyed the journey with me…..Have a safe and wonderful summer!