KB Presents! - January 22 - 11 AM - Eagle's Nest

Alicia Mangram, MD, FACS

G60 TRAUMA For Prevention and Recovery

Teri Sellers

Kare Bears Presents is excited to start our 25thAnniversary Year of healthcare education for our residents on January 22nd in the Eagles Nest Ballroom at 11 am. Our speaker this month is  Alicia Mangram, MD, FACS from Abrazo Hospital. She is the CEO and Founder of the G60 Program. 

Specialized Care

If you or a family member are aged 60 and greater and have suffered a traumatic injury, you will need specialized care which has been specifically developed for you. This program has been shown to increase your chances of survival and decrease your risk of long term disability. This specialized care program is called G60 and is a trauma plan of care for the elderly. 

Why is specialized care necessary for the G60 trauma population?

  • G60 trauma patients or elderly trauma patient in general have worse outcomes compared to younger patients with the same type and severity of injury.
  • G60 patients also experience more complications from their injuries due to pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes, renal, cardiovascular and pulmonary disease.
  • Commonly prescribed or over-the-counter medications can mask the vital sign abnormalities or worsen injuries which are normally seen in trauma patients

We do this by increasing public awareness of the changing demographics and the associated increased trauma risks to patients aged 60 and older through education, social media and advocacy.

More than the medical treatment, our program is designed to provide our patients with an optimal quality of life post trauma.

G60 uses the Biopsychosocial Perspective, a medical model that attempts to demonstrate links between the biological, psychological and social aspect of a person and how it attributes to disease outcome.

Dr. Mangram is the CEO and founder of the G60 program. Born in Kansas City, Kansas, Dr. Alicia Mangram graduated from Meharry Medical School in 1994. She then went on to complete her residency program in General Surgery from the University of Texas Health Science Center in 2001. Dr. Mangram has also completed a Fellowship in Surgical Critical Care from the University of Texas Health Science Center in 2002 and a Fellowship in Trauma from East Texas Medical Center in 2003. Over the years, Dr. Mangram has been working on creating a new multidisciplinary care approach for patients 60 years and older. She has over a 100 publications, peer reviews, presentations, book chapters, case reports as well as lab and bench research experience.

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