Harmony Medical Care, Comprehensive Wellness Assessments


Monday & Tuesday, January 6 & 7 - 8 AM to 4 PM each day

Mobile Unit at TF parking lot between the Sales Office and Toscana’s

Comprehensive Whole-Body Assessments that include:

  • Allergy Testing (62 panel comprehensive test)
  • Body Composition Assessment (detects and prevent a multitude of health issues)
  • Diabetes Screening that detects both pre-diabetes and diabetes
  • Heart Health Study that accurately assess multiple heart functions
  • Lab Service that covers regular lab tests that predict early disease indicators
  • Pulmonary Function Testing that helps in the detection of certain lung disorders
  • Vision Screening that quickly and accurately detects vision issues
  • Imaging and Ultrasound that visualizes images of all the major organs
  • Dermatology Screen looks over your skin for any possible abnormalities 

How much will this cost?

A Typical co-pay may range between $15-$30 depending on insurance contract requirements 

What do you need to do?


Sign up for your Comprehensive Whole-Body Assessment by contacting Harmony at 480-664-3840 or www.cwa.health 

Harmony will be contacting you to get insurance information and let you know that it is covered.