KB Presents! - Wednesday April 24 - 11 AM* - Eagle's Nest Ballroom

Improving Outcomes Through Robotic Surgery

are  Bears Presents has a very exciting program for April  We are bringing you a panel discussion with doctors and equipment from Abrazo West Campus.

Because robotic surgery is at  the cutting edge of precision and miniaturization in the realm of  surgery, the possible applications are as extensive as the uses of  minimally invasive surgery. Robotic surgery has already become a  successful option in neurological, urological, gynecological,  cardiothoracic, and numerous general surgical procedures. Intuitive  Surgical, makers of the da Vinci robotic surgery system, have released  upgrades in the number of operating arms, eliminating the need for one  surgical assistant, which may expand its clinical applications.   Exciting new procedures that will make your down time less and your  recovery even faster!


The da  Vinci Surgical system robot will be at our presentation.  This million dollar machine is so amazing ... and we get the privilege to see it up close and personal.

* Please arrive at 10:30 am to check out this robotic system.   

This special meeting also has a panel of doctors who use Robotic surgery:   

  • Dr BJ Ho ( Obstetrics and Gynecology  ) is proud to be one of the first  providers to send hysterectomy patients home the same day, he is also  started to provide bioidentical pellet hormone replacement as an alternative to conventional pharmaceuticial treatments for those  suffering from menopausal and age-related hormonal changes. 
  • Dr Parikaj Jain (Urology) practice include  laparoscopy and minimally invasive surgery, including robotic assisted  surgery, oncology stones, erectile dysfunction, female urology, and  benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH)   Most exceptionally, Dr Jain has a strong  training and extensive experience in robotic radical prostatectomies,  and is regarded as a leader in robotic assisted surgeries in the West Valley.     
  • Dr. Sushil Pandey (Gastroenterology) 
  • Dr. Kevin Potter (General & bariatric surgery)

Another exciting surprise -- the new CEO of Abrazo will be there to introduce the panel of 4 doctors.  The new CEO, Christina Oh is new to Abrazo and we are excited that she is attending our presentation this month.   

You do NOT want to miss this wealth of  knowledge and learn about these new updated procedures.  Admission and refreshments are FREE!